Sealing tape model TUW, TUW 2 PP, TUW 3PS i TUW PLUS

Taśma uszczelniająca TUW - 2PP - kolor niebieski

TUW type sealing band is made on the carrier of unwoven polyester or polypropylene fabric, on top of which, on one side, centrally, a belt of thermoplastic elastomer is placed. On the surface of the plastic layer, texture of small rhombuses is visible. Such texture allows (after its unwinding) for higher effective contact surface with isolating material. It is possible to achieve higher sticking power in contrast to bands of sleek elastomer surface.

If very high flexibility (elasticity) of the central part of the band is required, then the TUW 2 PP or TWU 3PS type of band is used.

The band is supplied on reels of 10 m and 50 m. After reaching agreement, it is possible to manufacture the band on reels of different length.

Sealing Tape TUW


Sealing Tape TUW 2PP


Sealing Tape TUW 3PS